Yum          :means     – to mingle, to mix up, to spice up

Yum Yum :means     – delicious

On tasting the Thai flavor of the state of being aliens in foreign country.

While the global community is expanding, traveling across cultures is impossible to hinder. The sharing of multicultural space is important. It illuminates the differences and it is a space of learning and adapting for human beings to be able to live together.

Food and eating is a significant cultural fundament of all living as food and eating culture cultivate and maintain the diversity of each ethnic group.

Creating a space for tasting to be a place for mutual understanding will portray the attempt of human beings’ adaptation and the intermingling of cultures.

The Yum-Yum:Tai/Thai is an art project that jiandyin operated during their open studio occasion at The Treasure Hill Artist Village in March, 2012.

Yum-Yum: Tai-Thai include: Taiwanese food, Thai-ingredients, sound, VDO, photos, live performance, party, 2012

Invited artists

24-24 March

Yum Yum Tai:Thai cocktail by Jo-Mei Lee 李若玫, new media artist

Yum Yum Tai:Thai collaborative artist chef by Chen Chi Pan 陳淇榜, new media artist

25 March

Yum Yum Tai:Thai experimental Sound & Music by Sammy Chien (上翔), new media sound performance artist and Kang Te, vocalist, performance artist, musician