Hand-on Pictures of Estates, On Adaptation project – California

Hand-on Pictures of Estates, 2010

collaborative art project, jiandyin (Jiradej and Pornpilai Meemalai) with Joom and Jom Klangsin

Spring Open House, Headlands Center for the Arts, 2013,

In 2010, granted by the ACC (Asian Cultural Council fellowships grants), jiandyin went to the United States and initiated an ongoing collaborative art project “On Adaptation” with a title: Hand-on Pictures of Estates. Their main purpose was to explore and reveal how oversea people who live outside of their homeland developed survival practices and adapt themselves under the difference and complex condition. They finally met a Thai couple, Klangsin family, who have lived in California for 15 years and was attaining the US citizenship. Jiandyin spent a period of time researching and documenting. Jiandyin had a chance to experience their decision making moment and helped the couple moving into the new house.

Hand-on Pictures of Estates challenged by operating the art space as a service platform, at the Spring Open House, Headlands Center for the Arts, to support emerging creative young professional. with an installation included products made for living of the wife: cushions, picture frames, bags etc. 1 folding book, a stop motion picture (Untitled) on monitor

Hand cut paper


Found Land, 45 x 29″, acrylic paint on a found card board.


Hand-on Pictures of Estates, folding book, each page 4X6”, 42 pages, photographs, pencil and marker drawing, papers and photographs collage, acrylic paint.