Dialogue : Seeing and Being – We Are Going to Umbria

The project was created during the residency program at Civitella Ranieri, Umbria, Italy.

What one portrait can bring us to?

In 1700, Costantino Ranieri, the lord of the fief of Civitella Ranieri revived his castle with modernity, set up a playing-card manufactory, etc., where social activities began. CLUB13 – We Are Going to Umbria operated with the intention to bridge and incorporate the history and the representation of different society that hidden behind the four suits of playing cards with art process to show the possibility of human that is able to move across the distinction of social and cultural  norm  which  controls  our  lives  to uncover the transition of physical space; social, cultural and personal space, the overlapping condition in our life, in order to build up the awareness when living together.

Works include:

:We Are Going to Umbria, 2013, jiandyin, Single Channel, Color video, Silent, 00”27’, Loop, on monitor

:Untitled, 2013, jiandyin, Color video, Silent, 4”04’, loop, Projector on wall

:We Are Going to Umbria, 2013,  JIANDYIN, Drawing on inkjet print poster. 41×29 cm.

: CLUB13, 2013,  jiandyin,  Wood  and  paint, Dimension variable.

:CLUB13,  2013,  jiandyin,  objects  on  table, Installation view, Dimension