On Adaptation: the Lost Capital

On Adaptation: the Lost Capital
The 2020 Green Island Human Rights Art Festival
If on the Margin, Draw a Coordinate project
Venue: Green Island White Terror Memorial Park
Curator: Sandy Lo Hsiu Chih

Directors: Jiandyin
In Association with Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts & Culture
by Awika Samukrsaman, Suphitchaya Khunchamni
Online exhibition:

The Green Island, a volcanic island in Taiwan which still remains natural and raw, yet, controversially, embraced with a history of an exile colony. Remoteness is geographical fragility that often affects ethnic groups to be marginalized as minorities, social exclusion, local history to become forgotten memories, etc.  Apparently, distance creates coldness and variance between opposite points. To develop our aspect towards the marginal situation, how can we aware of not being influenced by social order, capital perspective, etc. but integrate our perception with regard to the unreachable information?

In terms of the contemporary ethnography, the boundary of fact and fiction can be blurred, rather a narrative that goes through observation and interpretation. In order to liberate our notion from the macro level, should all comers from borderlands can be equally counted as marginal people for the island inhabitants? On Adaptation: the Lost Capital project intends to generate a space or interactive art form that audiences, visitors who cross the ocean to the Green Island, can experience the coldness, unstable, and isolated atmosphere of marginal situation within the context of the Green Island White Terror Memorial Park. The setup space or art form hereby will be a fictionalized fact that everyone can access, a process of self-discovery that each individual audience will dynamically establish his/her own narrative to connect a state of fact inside the marginal tendency.

installation of 2-Channel  video, colour, sound, loops.

On Adaptation: the Lost Capital Excerpt