The Ontology of Gold : Magic Mountains

The Ontology of Gold : Magic Mountains

สัตตแห่งทอง : ภูเขาอัศจรรย์

Artistic Research Project by jiandyin (Jiradej and Pornpilai Meemalai)

In Collaboration with Thongdaeng Manjai, Thonglor Wisapak, Sopit Keawswasdi, Chopaka Khamchang, Kanyapak Pupanasaeng, Saman Kwankaew, Namwan Fangsanoh, Kampir Khamchang, Wasupol Mayim, Wuthipong Fangsanoh, Somporn Mongkhonrat

Location : Ban Khao Mo, Tambon Khao Chet Luk, Tap Klor district, Phichit.

Part of the Dialogue : Seeing and Being ongoing project 2010 – 2017

Exhibition at : Cartel Artspace, June 24- July 25 2017


Work title: Leap into the Void

2017, inkjet print, color

Photography: Anupong Charoenmitr

Performer: Suphan Karanyaprasert

Leap into the Void is one of the work result from the going artistic research project, The Ontology of Gold: Magic Mountains, a development of “Dialogue: Seeing and Being” project, jiandyin have imaginatively explored the paradoxical coexistence of life, illness, death, myth and modernity, and its enduring impact, both emotionally and physically on local communities living near one of the biggest industrial gold mine in Thailand.

The project has involved 11 local villagers, including a 7-year old child, from Ban Khao Mo Community in central Pichit province who live near or work in gold mining areas and who have high levels of cyanide, toxic chemical compound used in gold extraction. These villagers have suffered from illness as a result of a modern gold mining operation which contaminates their surrounding environment, at the same time, they have also experienced emotional effects concerning their future life as if they are leaping into the dark void of uncertainty.
Summary text written by Manuporn Luengaram on occasion of Ontology of Gold exhibition at Cartel Artspace