Dialogue : Seeing and Being – CHANCE

Title: CHANCE 2012


Can one portrait bring us to relationship, friendship, living, life, community, society, culture and etc?

CHANCE is a sub-project of the Dialogue : Seeing and Being, R&D project initiated since 2010. The CHANCE drawing poster filled with lists of 300 missing people in Thailand randomed from 1992 – 2012. It aims to bridge the chance of meeting someone to those who are still missing. Within 2 days of interactive performance, there were up to 300 missing people posters spread out to participants who participated the performance.

While we meet someone, we still believe in chance.

Interactive performance base drawing project by JIANDYIN

With  Aroonkamon Thongmon, Charuwan simuen, Kanwara Tharawadee, Nawapun Keemabut, Rommana  Kansawas , Suchawipa Adulyathun, Titirat visutrojanakul , Tana Buamanee, Wirapat Klintoop

drawing, Posters, chairs

Poster design  : Lo Shih Tung

CHANCE, 2012 participated in the Asiatopia Performance Festival 14/2012.

Performance location: Sky walkway of the National Stadium sky train station, Bangkok, 17-18 November 2012.

CHANCE work result presented at THAITAI exhibition, BACC, Bangkok from November 2012 – February 2013

Work included, We are going to America, 2010, VDO, color, sound, head phone, 14”35’ min, Drawing on posters, posters stands 19”xH55”, dimension variables, Untitled, 2010 – on going Chance information: participants’ name lists, place, time, date, month, year, Hand writing, charcoal pencil on paper, dimension variables,