Dialogue : Seeing and Being – We are going to Taipei

We are Going to Taipei is an art project that generates collaborations and relationships between the artists and/or non-residents and the residents of Taiwan. The relationships that is developed by the process of drawing portrait and etc. has conveyed artists, passers by, audiences, participants and everyone to experience and come across a transition of social, cultural and personal space, the overlapping condition when living together.

The “We are going” hereby means to adapt, to explore, to experience and to discover people, social context and community or place. Toward the experience of “we are going to Taipei”, the “we” hereby represents not only the artists who are outsiders but also interrelates to other people in many different layers from past to present.

The shooting equipment is sponsored by SONY Thailand.

The project was concluded in an individual exhibition, Taipei artist village 0n 5/4-6/17 exhibition  Venue: Barry Room @ TAV

(No.7 Beiping E. Rd, Taipei. Exit 1 Shandao Temple Station/ Exit M2 Taipei Main Station)

We Are Going to Taipei, Still frames from one-channel stop motion video 90◦ vertical on projector, installation ,  interactive drawing based performance,  loop , Silent, 07’51”min.

Watch related video:

We Are Going to Taipei, still frames from two-channel video installation, interactive performance-based drawing, loop, Silent, 5’06” min.