Authority : The fiction of time and space

80x80x40cm x 2 stands, 8 Barriers, 5 soldiers, 45 minutes loop /3 hours performance

A Collaborative work with Second Lieutenant  Manon  Wongpradoo and team

Authority : The fiction of space and time is a work that jiandyin collaborated with Second Lieutenant Manon Wongpradoo and his team at a military camp base in Ratchaburi Province. jiandyin created a designed space that consisted of 2 wooden stands, 0.80×0.80×0.40 cm. each, 8 barriers and a situation of 5 soldiers performing loops of shift guard marching in front of Chompon cave entrance, a venue of Metro Sapiens : Dialogue in the cave event in Ratchaburi which they co-curated during April 2013. The space, time and rhythm that incorporated through the aesthetics of the body movement here represented the fiction of the authority system; somehow, the art venue. – See more at:

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Brief documentary, documented by Suporn Choosongdej

Authority : the fiction of time and space, documented by Suporn Choosondej