Free Sun Days [Krabi: Model Study for Green Energy Community]

             Free Sun Days [Krabi: Model Study for Green Energy Community] is an artistic research project by: jiandyin (Jiradej and Pornpilai Meemalai) on occasion of Thailand Biennale Krabi 2018
             Krabi, an oriental emerald land where people have attempted to protect its wonder from innocent destruction, although magnificent at various aspects and a destination of people from everywhere, its delicate ecological system and environment is what human rely on for living.
Free Sun Days [Krabi: Model Study for Green Energy Community] is a collaborative and participatory art project in public with an objective to interwine network of marginal groups and local community consist of private sector of renewable energy, representatives from Tricycle Club – public transportation of Ao Nang beach and U Rak La Voy (Orang Laut)’s Rammana music band from Sang Ga Au village who represents and reflects the community and reaffirm the truth of the “edge” of certain place and space, mirroring identity, stability – sustainability and freedom, simultaneously. This is a meaningful participation and interaction among many people which create mutual experience and awareness toward place and space  within an ecological system that humans associate with. Such interrelationship between man and local culture is essential, especially the existence of a community and marginal people that should not be disregarded. It reveals a direct relationship between human and place with significant implication.

In collaboration with: Mawee Talayluek, Atone Talayluek, Chit Talayluek, Weerapat Talayluek, Weerasak Talayluek, Wilawan Chanthong, Anan Nutaes, Somkiet Sainui, Kanok-orn Senchoo, Siwanut Boonsripornchai, Helmi Hardian, Toyol-Abdul Khafidz Fadli
Contributed institutions: WAFTLAB, U Rak La Voy (Orang Laut)’s Rammana band from Sang Ga Au village, Tricycle Club Auonang, Pichet Transport Co. Ltd., South Solar Cell Co. Ltd., Maharaj Motorcycle Ltd. Partnership, Department of Electrical Power-Krabi Technical College

Local Coordinator: Teerapoch Kasirawat

Local Electrical Power Engineer: Prof. Somchai Chayabutr,
Paranut Chengsa-ard, Kritsanurak Chapakdee

Artist Assistants: Pawarut Promkaew, Sunisa Nuampeuag
Project Manager: Aticha Suttiwerawat

Graphic design by Sunisa Nuampeuag