Appointment, On Adaptation project – Berlin, 2013

Appointment, 2013
collaborative art project, jiandyin (Jiradej and Pornpilai Meemalai) with O Berlin (Paphawarin Rattanapuree)

Exotika exhibition 2013, zum begriff des schonen,07.09.2013-12.10.2-13, kunstverin tiergarten | galerie nord, Berlin

eine ausstellung im rahmen der berlin art week.


Appointment is a development of the On Adaptation, ongoing project by jiandyin, created since 2010. It is a site specific interdisciplinary installation, interactive performance and a social service art project by jiandyin to create a mobile platform for emerging creative self-employed, in this case, makeup artist name “O Berlin” to makeup participated audiences at the gallery both at the opening occasion and by appointment with a promotion price during the Exotika exhibition.

In Berlin, 2013, jiandyin met various people but rarely met Thai people. One day they received an email from a friend in Thailand to connect them to two Thai men who travelled by road from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Europe with their musical instruments. On one weekend, jiandyin met them first time at Mauer Park, listened to their music and interesting stories about their trips. One important thing was they introduced jiandyin to a Thai lady who has lived in Berlin with her husband and a 3 year-old daughter name Paphawarin Rattanapuree or O Berlin as her professional name. She is a self-taught makeup artist, stylist and photographer, arrived Berlin since 2010. When they asked her why she wanted to be a makeup artist, she said “For me, human faces are so interesting because I believe everyone has their own look and beauty.…My mission is presenting this beauty in the best way possible, find and create a new style, look and design.” Thereafter, they began to develop the project together.

Through the process, they discovered the exoticness of an individual who has to adjust herself to other society and culture. They are interested in the aesthetics value of the way of Living of aliens or Thais as their case study, who live outside their native country on how they are able to transform artistic creativity into living, developed survival practices and adapt themselves under diverse and complex condition.

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